“Pivotal becomes really cost-effective from a business standpoint. They were able to save me about $60,000 on my recruiting budget!”– Donna

“The main thing I love about Pivotal is it truly is an extension of our HR team here.”– Trevor

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Tiana Reed
21:19 24 Nov 21
Chris is amazing. All my questions were answered quickly and she checked on me and provided updates as I was going through the hiring process. She is very professional and also provided tips on how I can do better in future interviews.Thank you Chris!
Jody Velletta
01:15 23 Nov 21
Shelley was absolutely amazing! She was extremely professional, very responsive, followed up on the smallest details and she's a great listener!
molly mannick
18:52 22 Nov 21
Annette is great!
Laurquashe Lewis
00:04 20 Nov 21
Woking with Ila Woolsey a Talent Acquisition Consultant at Pivotal Talent Search was the best experience that I've ever had. This is a really great company with professional, caring and hard working Team!
Susan Manuel
02:25 11 Nov 21
My Pivotal Talent Search experience was beyond the most wonderful experience I could have even hoped for! Their response time from completing an application to a phone interview was within a couple of days. I had a phone interview with Ila on a Thursday, interview with a client on the following Tuesday and a position offer on Wednesday. All contact with Ila Woolsey was handled in a professional manner whether it was phone, email or text correspondence. Ila kept me updated every step of my journey in the process, she is extremely attentive, and shared the joy with me after I was offered a position! Thank you to Ila and Pivotal!
Elva Ruiz
20:10 10 Nov 21
I had an interview with Chris and she was great. I appreciate how she checked on me on my 1st day at work . It was easy to be myself.
John Lpz
19:44 10 Nov 21
Fast updates even on Sunday! Thank you.
Ashly Corona
20:58 09 Nov 21
Bianca was so professional, helpful and genuinely cared about finding me a solid opportunity with the right company. It's people like her that make the job search that much easier and stress-free. Thanks a million Bianca!
Charles Kimberling
13:33 09 Nov 21
Pivotal were professionals all the way through the hiring process. They communicated very well and kept me informed along the way. And I always got timely responses any time that I reached out with questions.
Ralph Hajosy
14:22 08 Nov 21
I am very impressed by my experience working with Amanda Watkins. She was proactive and responsive in her correspondence, and always very informative. Amanda shared her excitement about the company and the position, providing detailed information along with her enthusiasm. She fulfilled promises of following up and was very knowledgeable about the recruiting and interviewing process. Any questions I had were promptly answered in detail. Overall, I am pleased and grateful for the experience of working with Amanda.
04:24 05 Nov 21
I had the pleasure of working with Crystal Wood wow! She was so kind and patient and helpful in every possible way. She was open to questions and prompt and precise with her response and she follows up through the whole process. Thank you Crystal making this experience so easy.
LivingRoom Moto
00:26 05 Nov 21
Crystal Wood has been AMAZING. Total pro. Made me feel like I mattered. Kept me in the “know” of what’s going on with my process. Keep up the great work Crystal, workplaces need more of your kind.
Vintage Virgo
22:34 03 Nov 21
Crystal you are by far the best!!! I can’t begin to express my appreciation for you and everything you’ve done to help and guide me. I really only got this job because of you so thank you thank you thank you! You truly are the best at what you do and I definitely would not be working with Mattel if it wasn’t for you. Very professional, cordial and all around great person.
Mike Ortiz
21:37 03 Nov 21
Thank you so much to Crystal Wood ! She did an amazing job on helping me find a job that best fit for me . It was very helpful of her to walk me threw the whole process , now I get to start a job that is near me and pays good . I really appreciate the support and recommend everyone to go threw her.
Rocio Marie
14:43 02 Nov 21
My experience with Annette was awesome. She was such a big help with finding my new job. If it were not for the guidance and hard work on her part I would not be where I am at today. I am so happy with my new job. Anette took the time and effort to coach me through the hiring process with the company that I am at now. Thank you for the hard work and dedication on your behalf.
Jimmy G
22:12 01 Nov 21
The People at Pivatol are fantastic. The recruiter that placed me Crystal Wood was amazing. She was always available for any questions . Very nice to deal with. She placed me in a fantastic position. I would recommend Pivotal to everyone that's looking for a new career.
16:23 19 Oct 21
Ila was great! She worked with me throughout the entire process. She gave prep calls, checked up to make sure my interviews went good and even followed up after i accepted the position. I’m v appreciative of Ila as this was my dream company to work w & i’ll so grateful she reached out to me. THANKS SO MUCH! 5 STARS
Angelo Purino
16:18 19 Oct 21
It is such a great pleasure working with Amanda, Elif, and the team at Pivotal. They truly take the time to understand not just our business needs, but our culture, and have been successful in filling several of our key leadership positions. They are great at communicating with the candidates as well, and provide a wonderful candidate experience.
Tanya Khawly
23:10 18 Oct 21
Ila is literally the most amazing person ever. She helps you every step of the way. I really owe everything to her she helped me take the next step in a company I love. She’s also so patient and I love her willingness to give you pointers and even help with tweaking any words you need to send out. She’s a Gem.
Brian Hull
15:20 18 Oct 21
Annette was very helpful throughout the interview process. Very friendly and prompt with follow ups and updates.
Nafiz Kamal
17:14 15 Oct 21
Fantastic company. Annette is the best !
Connor Carroll
13:10 27 Jul 21
Throughout my experience working with the Pivotal Talent Search Team, and Samantha directly, the guidance, communication, and professionalism delivered, was unmatched! Samantha and the team listened to what I was seeking and looking for in my next role and career, and they set clear expectations in finding the perfect match - for all parties involved.Samantha + Pivotal Talent Search Team - Thank you for all that you do!
Aubrey Burrough
16:30 22 Jun 21
Was recruited for a new role by Pivotal Talent Search on Linkedin and couldn't have had a better experience with them! HUGE shout out to Kristie and Debby on the team for communicating so well, fighting for me, and ultimately helping me to land an amazing new opportunity. I'd recommend them to anybody.
Maria Hicks
02:32 17 Jun 21
Pivotal is a professional and friendly company. They were quick, thorough and make sure you are prepared and know all details about the job. I highly recommend them!
Lisa Windus
05:12 26 May 21
Annette reached out to me regarding a fantastic opportunity that aligned perfectly with my background and personal values. She was friendly, encouraging, responsive, and available to talk with me whenever I needed her during the hiring process. She knows her clients very well and facilitates a good personality/corporate culture fit as well as matching up needed skill sets and experience. Having worked with other recruiters, I can tell you that her attention to detail and intangibles is not the norm. Annette is one of the very best! If you’re looking for a new opportunity or hoping to find the right person for a vacant role at your company,, I’d wholeheartedly recommend working with Annette.
Erica Lanzarone
14:04 25 May 21
I didn’t even know I was looking for a job until Annette found me on LinkedIn. The role was a perfect fit and within 2.5 weeks I was offered the position. She was professional, supportive and very responsive. It was a pleasure working with her and her team and I look forward to my new endeavor thanks to Annette.
Nick Mohsin
00:46 25 May 21
Amanda was amazing! She helped me throughout the entire process and made me feel so much more at ease. From prep calls to simply checking in, she followed up with me after every interview phase and kept in touch with me. Thank you so much Amanda!
Jamie Williams
14:44 13 May 21
I’ve never used a recruiting service to land a job but was pleasantly surprised how helpful it was. I had just gotten a job 4 months prior to coming to Pivotal Talent Search, however, the position was not what I expected and turned out to be a toxic environment. Having a recruiter who has not only the company, but also my best interest at heart, helped me to quickly find a new job I can better align myself with. Thanks Pivotal!
The Gorilla Agency
17:38 07 May 21
We are so grateful that Pivotal Talent Search is not only easy to work with, responsive, and professional (all of which are true!) - but also so results oriented. The team went above and beyond to connect us with candidates that matched our needs in terms of skillset, salary range, and company culture. Bridget was phenomenal. She was able to adjust mid-stream as our needs changed, represented our business with professionalism and enthusiasm, and was just as excited when we selected a candidate as we were. Elif kept everything on track, organized, and moving smoothly. Thank you, Pivotal!
Alexandria Holmes
17:48 30 Apr 21
Annette with Pivotal Talent Search was fabulous to work with. I wasn’t looking to make a job changed, but Annette found my dream job. She was always available to answer all my questions as well as to help me prepare for what to expect durning my interviews. She helped me with the process from start to finish. I can not say enough amazing things about Annette. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and I will be forever grateful for her help!I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking for a job as well as employers looking to fill positions with quality candidates.
Ashley Lynette
20:56 28 Apr 21
I’ve been looking for a new job for awhile and just hadn’t found the right place for me. Amanda was amazing in guiding me through the process. She was my biggest supporter from start to finish. Thank you Amanda!
Joshua Andrews
14:22 15 Apr 21
I was emailed about a job in the area from Amanda and she quickly responded and got the ball rolling. She was very professional and helpful on preparing me on what to expect with the company I was interviewing for so that I can do great with them. Within less than a few days I was setup with an interview and got a great job. I wouldn't have maybe even known about the opportunity or been as prepared if it wasn't for her!
Brian Weir
21:08 03 Apr 21
Annette was extremely skilled at facilitating the recruitment process. I wasn't looking for a new job, but Annette contacted me about a position I might be a good fit for and 6 weeks later I was hired and working in an industry that better aligns with my core values with a significant pay raise. Her friendly demeanor and helpful professionalism are phenomenal and I would definitely love to work when th her again in the future.
Victor McKinney
16:55 02 Apr 21
I have to say that Amanda and the entire team at Pivotal are FANTASTIC!From the first interaction, she was informative, knowledgeable of the company, and stayed in touch with me every step of the way!This has been undoubtedly the best experience I have ever had with an agency.I would recommend this TEAM to ANYONE!!!Thank you!
Blake Gowriluk
16:44 26 Mar 21
After searching for jobs on Indeed, I came across Pivotal Talent Search, where Amanda begin sending me jobs I might be interested in. After 6 months of searching for work after being laid off from the Pandemic, Amanda found the perfect opportunity for me, and I was offered a Job the after the first position I had set out for.I am extremely grateful for Amanda, and Pivotal’s help finding work. Working with Amanda was extremely professional and without a doubt the easiest, and most confidence inspiring job search/application I’ve ever done.Thanks Amanda/Pivotal!
Robert King
17:30 22 Mar 21
I had a wonderful experience with Pivotal and would definitely recommend anyone in search for employment to reach out to them for assistance. They worked with me every step of the process from resume building to professional advice with the interview.
Melissa Schaefer
23:55 15 Nov 20
Both Amanda and Annette were extremely professional and detail oriented. The follow up call and e-mail to see how the new job is going is outstanding!
Dulce Padilla
19:11 12 Nov 20
Had the pleasure of working with Annette Davis throughout the process. She was very helpful and made sure all my questions got answered. Kept me updated and was very professional.
Cassidy Audette
01:48 05 Nov 20
Great company with supportive, responsive, and professional people.
Mark Cox
18:42 23 Jun 20
I have been working with Kristie she is what every company needs. She is very personal and professional making sure that all questions are answered and also making sure everything is gone over in detail. It has been nothing but a positive things to say about this company and will recommend them to anyone searching for talent.
Nicolette Jackson
12:43 19 Mar 20
My team was in need of a partnership that would allow us to scale quickly, but still attract the best talent. We had a tall order to find a large volume of diverse, licensed insurance sales and support candidates. Pivotal delivered and then some. They gave us in-depth looks at candidates backgrounds, worked quickly to provide feedback and helped us hit our goals as a team. We are very grateful for the support Pivotal provides us during our growth phases.
Amanda Rodriguez-Morante
17:30 05 Mar 20
Annette Davis is great! She provided communication throughout the process and kept me informed at all times! I would not hesitate to use her or her services again!
Don Remigio
20:27 04 Mar 20
Anette helped me every step of the way. Now i have a great job thanks to her and Pivotal.
Chris McCarty
15:58 04 Mar 20
Elizabeth was very nice to work with she made the process very painless thank you.
LaToya Holmes
15:37 26 Feb 20
My experience with Kristie from beginning to end was incredible. Im so appreciative of the the opportunity I have been given with a great company. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to send others to Pivotal. I'm sure they wouldn't be disappointed. Thanks again Kristie.
Kristie Chiles
22:35 21 Feb 20
Kristie was AMAZING! Thank you for everything!
Rolando Alfonso
19:16 14 Feb 20
5 star to Elizabeth Resmer. She is the best. 100% effective and fast communication. She knows how to do his role. Is a professional. Job seekers if your recruiter is Elizabeth and you meet the requirements you are hired.
Miguel Ivery
01:31 13 Feb 20
Working with Amy at Pivotal was a great experience! She was really knowledgable and presented the job opportunity perfectly. My experience from start to finish was A+. This was my first time working with a recruiter and I am glad I did.
Cody Lowry
22:52 10 Feb 20
Jill was great to work with! Very helpful and thorough during the process.
Taylor Joy Stevens
21:05 10 Feb 20
Kirsten was extremely helpful throughout the whole recruiting process. She assisted me in communication with the company and followed up in a timely manner. She was there every step of the way, keeping me in the loop!
Nicole Roon
18:28 06 Feb 20
Elizabeth and Jill were great to work with, and very helpful!
Molly Walters
22:31 05 Feb 20
Pivotal Talent Search's Elizabeth and Jill are wonderful! If working with these talented recruiters is a true reflection of everyone at PTS, this is surely a special company. Thank you, Elizabeth and Jill, for your timely follow-up, communication, kindness, and professionalism! My field of dental hygiene is particularly wrought with challenges when job-searching, and you two brought a wonderful company into my focus. I have just begun my new position, but I have a really good feeling backed by facts that this will continue to be an excellent fit. In complete sincerity, I feel I may be forever grateful. Thank you!- Molly
Marcus Kosloff
21:51 05 Feb 20
My experience with Pivotal Talent Search was a great one! I worked with Annette D, who did a wonderful job throughout the recruitment process. I would recommend Pivotal Talent Search to a friend.
jelvis ferreira
00:41 01 Feb 20
Kirstin was instrumental during my interview process and transition period to my new role, she provided the absolute best resources and feedback to ensure that i was fully prepared.If you're ever looking for new opportunities and you're seeking for the best guidance out there, you've landed at the right place.
Andrew Kirby
01:54 30 Jan 20
Very helpful and patience staff!
James Lung
01:15 30 Jan 20
I worked with Annette from Pivotal Talent Search. She was very helpful and she always keeps me posted. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a job to contact Pivotal Talent Search.
Sonya Best
01:27 29 Jan 20
Annette found my dream job for me!
Michael McLaughlin
00:51 21 Jan 20
Annette, Was a professional and was there for every question or concern during the process. I would recommend her to any of my Business Partners future or past. Great JOB and Thanks
Giuseppe Iacono
19:45 16 Jan 20
I worked with Debby during my tenure at Tory Burch. She helped find and vet candidates to fill several positions that opened on my team, some new and some as replacement. Her understanding of the business, of my department’s needs, and of the company’s culture assured that the candidates she hand-picked were right for the position. Her guidance through the entire process; from posting the job description, reviewing resumes, selecting candidates, scheduling interviews, checking references, extending offers, to the candidates accepting the offer, facilitated the hiring of some very strong candidates. It is not coincidence that once Debby started working with my team, the turnover rate drastically diminished, and retention had a tangible rate increase.I would welcome the opportunity to work with Debby again, and recommend her and her company to any employer looking for new talent, and to any employee wishing to further his/her career.
nick brobeck
21:11 10 Jan 20
I had the pleasure of working with Kristie!! From the very beginning I was made to feel as if my best interest was the primary focus and that she had the perfect fit for me, almost like she really knew what motivated me and the company she was working for. I am so pleased and cannot wait to get started in my new career.
Joseph Salih
21:00 10 Jan 20
The Pivotal team is the best! I worked with Kristie B specifically and she is truly amazing. From start to finish she was updating me, making sure my application was being reviewed, and always ensuring my needs were being met. I know recruiters work with a lot of people but I felt like I was her only client. She made the terrible process of job hunting enjoyable and easy! Thank you Kristie and Pivotal.
Lorie Slawinowski
17:06 13 Dec 19
Very nice and helpful, always gets back to you when you leave messages, Annette is very professional and give you that personal touch! ! I know when I need assistance Annette will always be their.
Coques Harrison
20:00 19 Nov 19
Annette Davis supported me through my recruitment process. She is an awesome individual who looks to align your skill sets to the mission and the values of a potential employer. I had a great experience with Pivotal Talent Search.
22:14 17 Nov 19
Annette was fantastic and so personable. Thanks for all your help in leading me through the hiring process at Mattel's Fisher Price location in East Aurora, NY.
Betty Pixley
14:08 08 Nov 19
Annette Davis was absolutely wonderful and helpful to work with
Derrick Cobb
23:18 07 Nov 19
They were so awesome. The professionalism was there all the way and all the support was much needed. They were constantly checking to see where I was with the job lead and how neat to follow up! Jen you are the best. You are the reason I just got the bob your awesome.
Eric Spelling
22:04 07 Nov 19
They are awesome as awesome can be
Ki Brown
19:57 07 Nov 19
I worked with Jen and she was so helpful and professional! She helped me find employment in a new city! I’m so thankful!
Crabby Apples
15:13 03 Nov 19
The staff at Pivotal Talent Search was great to work with, especially Amy, my recruiter, and dedicated to explaining the position and making sure that it matched my job goals.
Kimora Berry
14:22 01 Nov 19
Annette was very professional and so helpful through this experience. She is amazing and what she does!!! Thank you for everything.
Amy Nieves
00:12 30 Oct 19
very nice people, very nice company!
Magovis Witness
23:47 29 Oct 19
Very professional and fast with replies.
Beth Dunn
02:08 29 Oct 19
Amy Stephans and Pivotal were absolutely amazing to me. Not only do I have an exciting new career opportunity but Amy went above and beyond as when I was finalizing the position details I was traveling. Amy could not have been more understanding and accommodating to me while helping me secure my new employment. I would recommend Amy and Pivotal 100%!!!
Bradley Belcher
18:55 28 Oct 19
I responded to to a listing for Mattel seeking a merchandising representative and received a call from Kristie at Pivotal to complete a pre-screen. She was very thorough going through my background and qualifications to discern if I might be a good fit for the role. After sending my information over to Mattel she continued to be very involved answering my questions and supporting me through the interview process. Kristie provided outstanding communication, keeping me informed on the progression of the application and the results of my two interviews. I am very grateful to have had Kristie through this process.
Julian Hemphill
18:54 25 Oct 19
Annette Davis was extremely helpful in getting me connected with a new potential employer. She was there every step of the way giving me all the details that I needed to be successful during the interview process. If you have a chance to work with Pivotal Talent Search on your next job search, I would definitely pursue that opportunity!
Manuel Coronado
18:13 23 Oct 19
I had it I had a great experience with pivotal very knowledgeable and very helpful five stars definitely
jess oh
13:59 22 Oct 19
Kristi was professional, helpful, organized and kept in regular contact. I highly recommend her
Tonbara Youpele
16:35 16 Oct 19
I had the pleasure of working with Kirstin during my interview process. She was very helpful, full of knowledge when I had questions and consistently followed up with me even after I received my offer.I would highly recommend Pivotal Talent Search for anyone looking to find great talent for their business.
Emily Cremeans-Jankowski
19:32 11 Oct 19
Kristie and Elif helped me out so much get I to mattel. They were on top of the hiring process and getting my interview setup. Thank you so much for all your hope.
Stephany Schneider
21:44 10 Oct 19
Kristie lee was extremely nice and easy to talk to! I highly recommend using their services!
Jaime Mccusker
01:44 09 Oct 19
Annette was amazing, she followed up with me on everything and was extremely helpful.
21:15 07 Oct 19
Jen Lott was my recruiter and she was awesome! I appreciate her so much and I had such a GREAT experience with her. She was polite, always willing to help, answered my questions promptly and was super friendly. I would recommend PIVITOL TALENT SEARCH to anyone.Jen Lott helped me get a job with Mattel and I couldn't be more grateful for her help. Thanks again Jen! You r the BEST!
jennifer schreckengost
14:15 03 Oct 19
Great place and amazing people
Rose A. Capobianco
20:56 02 Oct 19
Shout out and special thanks to Kristie @ Pivotal Talent. Not only was she kind and professional she helped me, finally, land a new job. Her communication style is easy yet professional and I appreciated her immediate reply to every email I sent. Even though I’ve never actually met her, I could feel her happy spirit through our talks and email correspondence.
Monica Z
20:49 02 Oct 19
It was a joy working with Jen and Debby at Pivotal Talent Search! Jen was so helpful and professional in finding me an employment opportunity that was perfect for me. I am so grateful. I'm looking forward to my new job! Thank you both and I wish you the very best!
Kathy Allen
03:07 01 Oct 19
I was SO LUCKY to have Kristie Briglio find me on LinkedIn and put me in touch with Mattel for a job opportunity she thought I would be a great fit for. She worked so hard to get the interview for me since I was located a few miles out of the zip code they were looking in. I told her to just get me in front of them and I would get that job!! I DID!! Without Kristie fighting for me as a Great Candidate for them, I wouldn't have gotten this Great Job Opportunity. I feel so lucky!!! If you are located in the North Carolina Area, Contact Kristie and let her go to work for you. Great Company, Everyone I spoke with was so professional and nice!
10:16 13 Sep 19
Pivotal Talent Search was amazing! From the first call I received from Jen about a job I applied for literally the night before. To Elif who set up the second interview. To the last call from Debbie who gave me the news that I had been hired. The amazing part was that this whole process happened in 4 days. The team at Pivotal Talent Search set up both of my interviews, made sure I was aware of the time and day with email or a text, and all I had to do was show up and get hired. It was the best hiring experience I have ever had!
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