Pricing Case Study

We use a completely unique pricing model in the recruiting world. Most agencies charge a percentage of the salary for the position you’re looking to fill (usually around 20%). This means when hiring a position with a $100,000/year salary – you’ll pay $20,000 in recruiting fees. Yikes!


Pivotal charges per hour based on the industry and position to be filled. We work faster (and smarter) to deliver results and you’ll only pay for the time we spend searching on your behalf – no matter how high the salary. This means huge savings for our clients (YOU!).


The data on this page is a real-world example of how Pivotal filled 19 positions for Client X over the course of 6 months for an overall cost savings of 68% in recruiting fees!

Hiring 19 Positions for Client X:
  • Standard 20% Fee
  • Pivotal Monthly Billing

Avg. Salary: $57,630 | Avg. Cost/Job: $3,680 (Pivotal)

Recruiting Fee Comparison

Let’s break this down even more! Here’s additional data from the Pivotal’s Client X mentioned above as compared to the standard fees for a recruiting firm using a traditional pricing structure.

Positions to be filled
Cost of Standard 20% Recruiting Fee
Pivotal’s Recruiting Fee
Total Client Savings
Overall % Savings
LocationTitle/RoleCompensationStandard 20% FeePivotal Fee (Average)Client Savings
New York, NYRetail Recruiter$68,000.00$13,600$3,680$9,920
Pleasanton, CAStore Manager$73,000.00$14,600$3,680$10,920
Wrentham, MAAssistant Store Manager$43,598.00$8,720$3,680$5,040
Newark, DEAssistant Store Manager$49,920.00$9,984$3,680$6,304
Camarillo, CAAssistant Store Manager$43,619.00$8,724$3,680$5,044
Vancouver, WARetail Store Manager$75,000.00$15,000$3,680$11,320
Cincinnati, OHStore Manager$60,000.00$12,000$3,680$8,320
Durham, NCStore Manager$70,000.00$14,000$3,680$10,320
Calgary, CAAssistant Store Manager$47,840.00$9,568$3,680$5,888
New York, NYStore Supervisor$44,720.00$8,944$3,680$5,264
Toronto, CAStore Manager$68,000.00$13,600$3,680$9,920
Jacksonville, FLAssistant Retail Store Manager$35,360.00$7,072$3,680$3,392
Wrentham, MAAssistant Retail Store Manager$58,240.00$11,648$3,680$7,968
Houston, TXRetail Store Manager$62,000.00$12,400$3,680$8,720
Newark, NJAssistant Retail Store Manager$47,840.00$9,568$3,680$5,888
Atlanta, GARetail Store Manager$65,000.00$13,000$3,680$9,320
Seattle, WAAssistant Retail Store Manager$47,840.00$9,568$3,680$5,888
West Palm Beach, FLRetail Store Manager$70,000.00$14,000$3,680$10,320
New York, NYAssistant Retail Store Manager$65,000.00$13,000$3,680$9,320
TOTALS:  $218,995$69,920$149,075
68% Savings!

Your business can’t afford to pass up these kinds of savings.